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We're Derrick and Paula from Ontario, Canada. After getting married in the summer of 2014, we decided to give up our apartment, move into a campervan, and travel across this magnificent country of ours for our honeymoon. Upon our return, we decided to keep it up a little longer to save money and continue living a more simple life... We've now been living in our van full-time for over a year and a half, even during the extremes of our Canadian winter. We've traveled from coast to coast to coast and swam in all three oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic). It's been one heck of an adventure, but hasn't only been fun and games. We still work full-time and are trying to save up for a little house and a piece of land to call our own. If you're into minimalism, travel, living large in a tiny space, or just a couple who are still in love after over a year in a van, then we'd love to have you along for the ride! :)

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